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Most tarot decks leave something to be desired as far as diversity goes.The people portrayed are all thin Europeans. I wanted to change that. I wanted very much to see more physical and ethnic diversity as well as more gender fluidity.  I sought to make a deck much more inclusive than the traditional tarot decks in terms of pretty much everything ranging from ethnic diversity to body types to gender. There are 4 versions of The Lovers card in this deck because the standard M/F isn't a good fit for many of us.
All of the effects that you see on the tarot cards are part of the light painting process. It’s a long exposure photographic technique where lights are shined on a subject in a darkened space. The only use of Photoshop was to add the titles. Everything else is straight out of the camera.
The models in this deck are nude. Please do not proceed if you are underage or not comfortable with artistic nudity.
RoByn Thompson
4 of Swords -Skyclad Tarot

Major Arcana   Skyclad tarot Magician Card

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The Suit of Cups   skyclad tarot 5 of cups


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The Suit of Disks  ace of disks - skyclad tarot

The Suit of Swords   skyclad tarot 6 of swords

The Suit of Wands   9 of staffs - skyclad tarot

A huge thank you to all my fabulous models, without whom I could have never brought this project to fruition!
A special thanks to my Tarot Consultant Queen Auset Heru.  You can contact her for readings at
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